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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Two Charlatans

Bhagawan Sri Bala Sai Baba….Sounds familiar or somewhat familiar.

Does he look familiar or somewhat familiar? Yes…you are right. He is Saibaba…or is he?. Or is he the Saibaba of Puttaparthi(below) rewound 25 years….THE YOUNG SAIBABA…..in his youth?

Guess what….that is exactly what BALA SAIBABA means… YOUNG SAIBABA. But they are two different gurus… one has already made a name, not to mention the millions, and the other is in the making. Both dress the same- pink, saffron or white ecclesiastical robes with little or no design. They have the same afro hair cut for reasons only obvious to them and guess what… the familiarities don’t end there.

Both are born in the same southern state of Andhra Pradesh, incidentally where I come from, except from the fact that one was born in 1926 and the other one three decades later. Not surprisingly, both these births were purportedly foretold by other great saints of the past whose sainthoods are often questionable. Both have the hagiographical accounts of miraculous and divine childhood, some of them so extremely ridiculous in which the devotees of the younger one - Bala Sai Baba , boast “miraculous - often instantaneous - healings when he was an infant”1. Is Benny Hinn listening?
Also, Sri Balasai Baba has excelled in medicine, philosophy, dancing and singing.
The elder Saibaba, they say, was born with cobra in the cradle. No…his parents weren’t herpetologists, this is symbol of him being identified as the Lord of Serpents. According to Prof. Kasturi , Baba’s biographer, the Sathya Sai Baba composed bhajans spontaneously (even as young as 8 years of age) and he had shown immense talent in drama, dance, music and poetry2.

And the similarities have only just begun. Both the Babas have started lucrative spiritual institutions with various ashrams across the globe and in India. Look at their secular logos..amazingly dont they look the same?

Logo of Bala Saibaba

Logo of SaiBaba

They claim they are saints but live in palaces of incredible flamboyance and the pictures below are the stark remainder of luxurious lives they live. The irony is that the lavishness and the ostentation is so obvious but doesn’t raise a seed of doubt in their followers’ mind.

Both of them are known for their love of nature. Witness their love for trees…

And their love for flowers…..

And their love for animals….

What about their love for metallurgy and antiques…they are astoundingly similar.

One of other of this list of endless similarities is the message they preach. The message they preach is indeed of sublime nature yet any sane and rational person’s would follow these, with or without these dim-witted Babas. Both these Babas preach universal love and service to human kind as the superior purpose of life as if they brought some revolutionary ideas that we have no access to or knowledge of. As Christopher Hitchens questioned in several of his debates-“Did Jewish people think perjury and stealing were okay until 10 commandments were revealed on Mt.Sinai? If they had, humanity would not have got so far”.

Now, brace yourself to this similarity, neither the last nor the least, that I am going to show you in a while that will take you to the edge of belief. It is widely known fact that most, if not all, Indian gurus are known for their magical and supernatural powers and these two are no exception. Well, of course, I would call these powers as sleight of hand and chicanery at its best, both of them are known for performing miracles. And by this time, you must have guessed it right, they perform the same miracles.

The website of Bala Sai Baba reads:

He is able to materialise objects (rings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery) from out of the air, much to the astonishment of the respective recipient.

The Website of Satya Sai Baba Miracles has a gallery of things Baba materialized with his powers and they include:
Pendants with Diamonds
Pearls with diamond ear rings
String of beads
Ear rings

The Elder Baba is famous for creating Atma Lingam, a gold egg shaped object from his mouth on the eve of Shiv Ratri, a festive day in South India.

On the eve of Shiv Ratri last week, the copycat Bala Sai Baba performed the same miracle by creating this Atma Lingam, from his mouth.

I hardly understand what knowledge or benefit these miracles add to the humankind and on the contrary defies every known law of physics and makes mockery of contributions of great scientists . I have always wondered- how about materializing food and clothes for the poor?Or if their powers are limited to gold and diamonds, how about materializing them in abundance and trade them to feed the poor and destitute. And they say, we cannot defy the Karmic law of suffering and consequences of past sins? And, so I ask, why the **** do you claim to be an avatar?

Einstein said: “There are two things that are infinite- Universe and Human Stupidity. And I am not sure about the Universe”. And I cannot agree more.


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